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  • Oaks Church | Red Oak, TX | John Curriculum

    Series of John Curriculum JOHN 16 JOHN 15 JOHN 14 JOHN 13 JOHN 12:12-50 JOHN 11:1-44 JOHN 10:1-18 JOHN 9 JOHN 8:2-11 JOHN 7 JOHN 6:53-71 JOHN 6:1-15 JOHN 5:16-47 JOHN 5:1-15 JOHN 4:1-42 JOHN 3:1-16 JOHN 2:1-11 JOHN 1:35-51 JOHN 1:19-34 JOHN 1:1-18

  • Oaks Church | Red Oak, TX | Assembly of God

    Welcome to Oaks Church! SUNDAY SERVICE TIMES >>> 9AM + 10:30AM ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE Visit Oaks Church MEET OUR >>> PASTORS Chris and Cara Railey are the Lead Pastors at Oaks Church located in Red Oak, TX. They’ve been in full-time ministry for over 20 years. Chris and Cara have a rich history with Oaks Church, going back 13 years when they were the first directors of The Oaks School of Leadership. LEARN MORE Featured Event CHECK OUT WHAT'S HAPPENING AT OAKS CHURCH MORE EVENTS Download the Oaks Church app! Enjoy live services, sermons, events, media library, giving, and much more! Take Oaks Church in your pocket wherever you go.

  • Oaks Church | Red Oak, TX | Groups

    Oaks Groups We believe that we're better together! We've been created to live in relationship with others and only then we can live the full life God intends for us. Oaks Groups exists to make these life changing relationships relevant and accessible to you. FIND A GROUP LEAD A GROUP Groups Resources

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