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Upcoming Events




Family Skate Night

December 3, 2023 at Mansfield Star Center

Oaks Kids Family Skate Night is coming soon! Join us with your kids on December 3rd from 5:45-7:45 PM at the Mansfield Star Center for one of our favorite Oaks Kids traditions. We'll spend the night ice skating, enjoying hot chocolate and cookies, and have a great time connecting; we'll see you there!




Child Dedication

March 24, 2024 at 9+10:30 AM

We want to walk with you through every step of life's journey, including dedicating your child to God! If you would like to dedicate your child during this special time in either service.

What to expect at Oaks Kids

At Oaks Kids we are for your family! We provide an age-appropriate experience for all children age 6 weeks through 5th grade! We can’t wait to have your kids join us as we Follow Jesus and Tell His Story!

Early Childhood


10.2023 BA ARoaringRescue Graphic.jpg

A Roaring Rescue

In the series "A Roaring Rescue", we will learn through Daniel's story that God is bigger and stronger than any thing. God is with us, even when scary things try to make us afraid. When fear knocks at our door we can trust God!

The Point: Goodbye, fear! God is here!

EC Bible Verse Card - October.png


New Fear Graphic.jpg


Fear is a part of life. Everyone is afraid sometimes. That’s a good thing when it keeps you from, say, touching a hot stove. But it’s not so good when it keeps you from doing good things God has called you to do, makes you start to worry, or makes you think there’s a monster under your bed. This series addresses common fears kids have and how God helps us overcome them.

Early Elementary Bible Verse Card - October.png


Dealing with Drama_v4-2[9].jpg

Drama and How to Deal

In this series, we’ll talk about drama! No, not like movies and theater. But don’t worry—it’s going to be drama-free!


During each week of Drama (And How To Deal), we’ll see how Colossians 3:13-14 offers us the path to peace when drama tries to bring division among friends and families.

Older Elementary Bible Verse Card - October.png

Wanna brag on your kid?

Has your child achieved something really cool outside of Oaks Kids? Did they get Student of the Month at their school, make a goal in their soccer game, get their grades up, pass a test, do all their chores without complaining, or hit a new milestone? We want to know and celebrate with you! Click below to tell us all about it!

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