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About Chris and Cara Railey

Chris and Cara Railey are the co-Lead Pastors of Oaks Church in Red Oak, Texas. They’ve been in pastoral ministry since 2000. Chris and Cara have a rich history with Oaks Church, going back to 2007 when they were the first directors of Oaks College. They have been married since 1999 and are the proud parents of Canon, Caleb, and Cooper.
Chris and Cara pastored New Community Church in Mesquite, TX, a church Oaks Church helped parent. Then, they transitioned to the Assemblies of God home office and led the Church Multiplication Network (CMN) in Springfield, Missouri.
Chris graduated from Evangel University with a B.A. in Biblical Studies and received his M.A. in Counseling, a Master of Divinity, and a Doctorate of Ministry in Organizational Leadership from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.  Cara graduated from Evangel University with a B.S. in Elementary Education and an M.Ed. in Reading. They’re passionate about the next generation, serving our community, and leading a healthy church that exists to be the bridge between people and Jesus.

Fun facts about Chris and Cara

When and where I got saved: (Chris)  I was 5 years old at a kids crusade in Lakeland Florida. (Cara) I got saved in my grandad’s office when I was 5.

Regular coffee order: (Chris) Americano with cream. (Cara) Breve latte.

People that inspire me: (Chris) Church Planters. (Cara) Military.

The one thing that most people don’t know about me: (Chris) I like watching HGTV. (Cara) I love classic rock n roll.

Weird quirks: (Cara) I don’t like drinking out of a glass without a straw.

Least favorite thing to do: (Cara) I hate to go to bed late.

Hidden talent: (Chris) Blowing bubbles off my tongue. (Cara) Planning days at Disney.

What makes me laugh: (Chris) Will Ferrell movies. (Cara) Awkwardness.

Biggest fear: (Chris) Dancing in public. (Cara) Snakes.

Favorite Movies: (Chris) Field of Dreams specifically, spy movies in general. (Cara) Father of the Bride.

Favorite Scripture: (Chris) Joshua 3:5. (Cara) John 13:34.

Favorite Sports: (Chris) Baseball, Football, Basketball, Golf (Cara) Baseball, football and basketball.

Favorite Music/Band/Singers: (Chris) Hillsong Worship, Elevation Worship, Mumford and Sons, George Ezra (Cara) Steve Miller Band.

Favorite Books: (Chris) Mere Christianity. (Cara) Mark of the Lion Series.

Favorite TV Shows: (Chris) College Game-day, Seinfeld, anything on HGTV. (Cara) Friends.

Favorite Actor/Actress: (Chris) Owen Wilson. (Cara) Adam Sandler.

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