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God's Word is our Starting Point

We are a Bible-based church and systematically teach God’s Word so our community has a foundation of truth that will bring it to a full life. Before we do anything, we start with God’s Word.



Prayer is our Pursuit

We are a prayer-centered church that understands the power of today’s prayers creates the reality of tomorrow. We are always seeking God to move in our lives, our family, our church and our community so that we may all have a full life in Him.



Community is our Passion

We are a community focused church and believe with all our heart that life is way better together. We build community by connecting with and caring for people inside and outside the walls of our church.



Invitation is our Instinct

We are a presence driven church and we are always inviting people to experience God’s presence through relationships and the gathering of the church.



Growth is our Calling

We are a growth-minded church and we are committed to seeing growth both deep and wide. Growth isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Our heart is to see both our church, and all the people of our church, realize their full potential in Christ.



The Future is our Focus

We prefer the future over the past. Our vision for the future is greater than our memories of the past. We believe the best is yet to come is not just a cliché, it’s the reality for Spirit-led people.


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