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Why should I give?

Giving is both a joy and a responsibility of those who are part of the Church. God wants us to be generous, selfless people with a heart to give to others like He has given to us! 

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The Giving Ladder

Giving to a church can seem daunting, especially if you've never done it before. We know it's a process and want to help encourage you as you take steps to be the giver God calls you to be! Consider the following steps modeled by the giving ladder:

Potential Giver—You give something.

Emerging Giver—You occasionally give.

Consistent Giver—You give a set amount routinely.

Tithe Giver—You give 10% routinely.

Extravagant Giver—You give over 10% routinely!

For further teaching about the giving ladder, check out this message!

Next Steps

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