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Congratulations on your recent decision to follow Jesus! Our prayer is that this webpage is a tool for you as you grow in your relationship with Him. Sometimes reading the Bible is overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start. In the boxes below we have provided resources to help you know where to begin reading in God’s word.


Water Baptisms

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Bible Reading Plans

Marriage Matters

We must prioritize our marriage if we plan to make it “until death do us part!” After 34 years of marriage, having 4 kids in 5 years, and enduring hardships and teenage rebellion, Roxanne shares her top marriage nuggets to help you establish the priority of a lifelong love.


We’re in a battle for the souls of our children. But this is a fight we can win with intentional parenting. By embracing God’s wisdom and guidance, we as parents, grandparents, or guardians can instill the values and qualities we want our children to have. Explore six solid, basic principles found in God’s Word and successfully shape your children’s lives.


This 7-day reading plan, based off the book Secure, by Rick Dunham, highlights God's desire for us to live genuinely secure in His care - trusting in Him to provide. It walks through the truth that real financial security isn't found in a paycheck, possessions, or portfolio, but rather in God.


Where do you run when you are in a trial or experience heartache or distress? This plan encourages us to turn to the Lord first. He is great in mercy and waiting to meet us with His steadfast love in the midst of our afflictions.


Most of life’s battles are won or lost in the mind. So how do we start winning more of those battles? In this 7-day Bible Plan from Life.Church Pastor Craig Groeschel’s book, we’ll discover how to fight toxic thoughts, overcome out-of-control thinking, and start winning the war in our minds using God’s truth as our battle plan.


What if we don’t have to wait until we’re at our breaking point to address what’s broken in our lives? Just as we invest in cleaning our homes, it’s time to invite the Holy Spirit to deep clean our hearts. In this 7-day Bible Plan, we’ll discover how to let go of the emotional baggage that holds us back and weighs us down.


Doubt can drown you, but doubt can also be drowned by you. Great men of faith like Abraham, Zachariah, Philip, Peter, and Thomas had moments of doubt in their walk of faith. At times, doubt occurs when what we expect is not happening; and, when what shouldn’t be happening is happening. Learn 5 tips to help you overcome doubt.


From the Student Ministry Team of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, R U OK is a 7-day journey that will help you dive deeper into emotions and feelings we all deal with at one time or another. Anger, doubt, overwhelm, worry, fear, unloved, and unseen. How do you navigate these emotions? What does God have to say about them? Subscribe to R U OK and find out!


Child of God, Your Heavenly Father has designed you to succeed in fulfilling His purposes for your life. Are you facing situations defiant of God’s faithful love and good plans for you? If so, remember who you are and refuse to let adverse circumstances rename you! God calls and equips His children to be overcomers. Walk with Naomi in this Bible plan and rediscover the overcomer in you.


Every day, we make choices that shape our life story. What would your life look like if you became an expert at making those choices? In the Divine Direction Bible Plan, New York Times bestselling author and Senior Pastor of Life.Church, Craig Groeschel, encourages you with seven principles from his Divine Direction book to help you find God’s wisdom for your daily decisions.


What is God's will for our mental and emotional health? Does God have a remedy for depression, anxiety, stress or suicidal thoughts? The answer is yes. Christians and unbelievers alike deal with depression and other mental and emotional illnesses, but there is hope! Jesus promises and provides an abundant life—a life full of joy, purpose, and peace.

Additional Resources

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