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About Steve Svoboda

Nickname: Boda 

What is your Ministry Role? Executive Pastor of Church Ministries 

When and where did you get saved? I was 5 years old in Wisconsin where I grew up, my dad was filling up the car with gas at the gas station after a church service and we prayed together right there.

Tell us about your family: My wife Bennett and I have been married since December 13t, 2013.  We have 2 boys & 1 girl: Cal (4) & Hudson (2 weeks) & Parker (2).  


What is your regular order at Starbucks? Flat White or Cappuccino 

Who are people that inspire you? People who have served our Nation so that we can have our freedom.  


What is one thing that most people don't know about you? Together with another classmate, I helped get the Tennis program at my college started in 2005 at North Central University.

Do you have any weird quirks? I prefer drinking & eating from clear mugs & bowls.

What is your least favorite thing to do? Sit in absolute silence.  

Hidden Talent? I hand stitch baseball hats.  

What makes you laugh? Memes. I love a good meme.  

What is your biggest fear? Not a fan of heights, or getting chased by animals while I’m running or biking.  

Favorite Movies: Remember the Titans, Rocky 4, Godfather 1 & 2, any James Bond movie.  

Favorite Scripture: Acts 20:24

Favorite Sports: I love staying active through triathlon, it’s my hobby.  I’m all about watching Wisconsin sports: Wisconsin Badgers, Milwaukee Bucks & Green Bay Packers.  

Favorite Music/Band/Singers: Worship, Rap & Country.  

Favorite Books: Anything about Navy Seals, and Dale Carnegie’s books.  

Favorite TV Shows: Seinfeld. The greatest show ever.  

Favorite Actor/Actress: Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro, Pierce Brosnan.