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Ministry Request

All ministry events will go through an approval process. All ministry requests will first be approved or denied by ELT before ServiceU reservations are made and before Creative Arts resources are needed.  Because every ministry event varies in their audience scope and creative needs; packages have been prepared according to what tier the ministry event falls under.  

Ministry Tiers:

Tier 0 | Non-Creative Request

A tier 0 request is for something that needs zero creative resources and may or may not need facility resources.

Tier 1 | Church-wide Event

A tier 1 campaign targets at least 80% of our church audience and/or focuses on reaching “The One”.

Tier 4 | Sermon Series

A tier 4 request is for sermon series only. This request is limited to be used by Kids, Youth and ELT ministry.

Tier 3 | Small Event

A tier 3 campaign targets a small group or specific demographic in a church ministry.

Tier 2 | Department Event

A tier 2 campaign targets a ministry audience of our church.

Tier 5 | Single Request

A tier 5 request is based on a previous campaign and includes re-ordering single elements of such campaign. This request can also be used to produce a single graphic, video, website and app update for a ministry, creating a form online, printing materials, etc.

Ministry Request Timelines

Once you are ready to submit your ministry request click the button below. All requests should be submitted based off the timelines below. Reminder, these are the minimum amount of time a request should be submitted.

Tier 0 | Non-Creative Request – 6 weeks in advance 
Tier 1 | Church-wide Event  – 12 weeks in advance 
Tier 2 | Department Event  – 8 weeks in advance 
Tier 3 | Small Event – 6 weeks in advance 
Tier 4 | Sermon Series – 4 weeks in advance 
Tier 5 | Single Request  – 3 weeks in advance 

Before you submit a Request...

Please have prepared before filling out this request form: resolved Oaks Church calendar conflicts, approved budget, purpose of event, event details, details of creative resources requested such as: sketches, examples, inspiration, dimensions, etc. Designs created will receive 1 to 2 revisions according to the tier category so the more information provided upfront the better.

The submission of this request form does not guarantee the ministry event, creative arts or the facilities resources needed. Once ELT has approved the ministry event request, you will be notified to submit your ServiceU request and the Creative Arts team will contact you about the creative resources wanted. All childcare and day-of production requests, i.e. light/audio technicians, will be part of the ServiceU request process. 


Requests for childcare and room aesthetics has been added to the Ministry Request Form in order to start discussion over the details of your event. The point of contact person will reach out to you in Asana.


To change the date of your event after you have submitted the form, please email Jocelyn to see if there is any conflict on the church master calendar. once approved, email your project manager about the date change so that the ministry request can be updated in Asana.


OR IT WILL SUBMIT WHATEVER YOU HAVE completed at that moment.