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Event & Creative
Request Forms

Event Requests

The purpose of this form is to 1) submit event dates for approval to be added to the calendar and 2) request resources needed to make your event a success. The term ‘event’ encompasses: 

  • Tier 1 church-wide events, 

  • Tier 2 department events, 

  • Tier 3 small department events,

  • Tier 4 sermon series, and

  • meetings that include guests, volunteers, other departments, or internal department meetings that are held outside of Monday-Thursday work hours (i.e. Oaks Women Lead Lunch, Connections Lead Lunch, ELT lunch after service on Sundays, etc.). 


The available resources you can select in this form include décor set up, worship team presence, childcare, and creative communication assistance. Requests for audio technicians, microphones, etc. will be done through ServiceU after the event has been approved. 


You are encouraged to fill out this form as soon as you have a date selected that you have already verified does not conflict with events already on the Oaks Church calendar or in ServiceU. If your event is more than 3 months out and, therefore, you do not yet know all the necessary details, you will be given the option to complete the more detailed questions closer to the event.

OR IT WILL SUBMIT WHATEVER YOU HAVE completed at that moment.

Creative Requests

Use the form below to submit a single creative request [i.e. photoshoot and merchandise designs or re-branding (which consists of multiple elements, etc.)]. This type of request must be submitted at least 3 weeks from the date you need final product. Any single request that requires two or more services will extend the amount of time it takes to complete the request.

OR IT WILL SUBMIT WHATEVER YOU HAVE completed at that moment.

Event Promotion Packages

Because every event can vary in their audience scope and creative needs; packages have been prepared according to what tier the event falls under. 

Click the button below to view what the promotion packages are.

For questions about your Promotion/ Communication Plan please Asana Pedro Enriquez or email at pedro.enriquez@oaks.church 

Asana Approval Process

Below is an overview of how your event will move through the Asana Approval Process. 

Step 1 | ADDED TO CALENDAR ONCE APPROVED – ELT will double-check the calendar and approve, or not approve, the event accordingly. In order to avoid having your event denied due to calendar conflicts, please check the Oaks Church calendar (published on the church website) and the ServiceU calendar before submitting the form. 

Step 2 | WAITING - NEED CREATIVE/COMM. DETAILS – If your event is more than 3 months out and you indicated you were not ready to provide event details on the form, your event will be added to Step 2. In this phase, a subtask will be assigned to you with a due date to prompt you to come back and complete the detailed portion of the form closer to the event but with enough time to prepare. A link will be provided for you to do so. At this time you are still able to submit your facility needs in ServiceU.

Step 3 |  READY TO START –Once all the details are gathered, either at the initial time of submission or after going through Step 2, your event resource needs have been communicated and are ready to begin working on. 

Date/Time Change Request

So you find out that you need to change the date/time to your already-approved event... not a problem! 

First, discuss the new date/time with your Executive Pastor. Review the Church calendar to look at new proposed dates.

Second, notify Rocky of the changes by filling out this quick form. Date/time changes affect Communication Plans, inter-department communications, deadlines for graphics, serve teams and a lot more so this step is crucial. If there are any date conflicts you will know during this time.