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Daniel Fast 2024 Devotional - Welcome, S.O.A.P., and Focuses


Welcome to the Daniel Fast Devotional! Be encouraged that if you’re reading this, you’re already showing that you want everything you can get out of this fast with our church. At Oaks Church, no one walks alone. Over the next three weeks, hundreds of people in our community are fasting, praying, and pressing deeper into their relationship with God alongside you!


Soap? What is S.O.A.P.? This simple acronym is a helpful devotional tool that we will use to better understand God’s Word and allow it to change our lives. God’s Word is our starting point, but sometimes we can read it without pausing to think about what it’s really saying and how we should live differently because of it. Let’s break down the acronym:

  • Scripture: This refers to the specific passage we will be reading. What does the Bible itself say?

  • Observation: This asks the question, “What stands out to me? What could God be saying to me through it?”

  • Application: Here we ask, “How does this apply to me right now?” or “What is my action step?” How does this scripture make my life different today?

  • Prayer: After reading God’s Word, we pray, “God, help me live this out. Is there anything else you’re speaking to me?”

Every devotional of this fast will be structured around the S.O.A.P. method. We expect that we’ll all learn new things about the Bible, be challenged to grow, and become unified in heart, mind, and spirit as we walk through this devotional together!


This devotional is laid out with three distinct focuses to help you get the most of the fast:

Week 1: Focus on God | We all have questions we want answered, needs we want met, and prayers we want fulfilled. But we will start this fast out remembering that God is our focus and our first priority.

Week 2: Hearing from God | God wants us to know, hear, and obey His voice. As we fast, we are tuning our spiritual ears to receive needed words, encouragement, and direction from God.

Week 3: Believe for Breakthrough | We want this fast to fuel your faith. We should trust and believe that God wants to work powerfully in our lives and that breakthrough in our behavior, relationships, and mindsets is really possible. 

We are so excited for what God is going to do in and through you during this fast. Keep showing up, and remember that Jesus is here, and anything is possible!


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