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The Purpose

The purpose of the Oaks Learning Center is to ensure that every child receives the educational and Biblical foundation needed for kindergarten and their future. We do this using the A’Beka curriculum, which is based on Biblical truths and values. Beginning in August 2023, OLC will provide a safe learning environment Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 6 pm, for children 6 weeks – 5 years old.

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Preschool | 3-5 years

Our preschool program ensures that every child receives the foundation needed for kindergarten. To do this, we use A’Beka preschool curriculum, because we believe It prepares children for a lifetime of learning. A’Beka features a traditional approach to teaching and learning, cross-subject integration, spiral review, and plenty of hands-on activities. In addition, we integrate a Bible curriculum into our program to ensure that each child receives a solid spiritual foundation. 

› Developing appropriate practices.

› Hands-on involvement.

› Decision-making and problem-solving skills.

› Character development.

› Vocabulary.

› Social-emotional activities.

› Literacy skills.

› Small group instruction.


Pricing and Schedule

Beginning in August of 2023, we are excited to welcome your child to Oaks Learning Center.

7 AM - 6 PM

Ages 6 weeks – 2 years old: $225/week
Ages 3 years – 5 years old: $210/week

We offer a 10% discount on the oldest child’s tuition when multiple children from the same family are enrolled.


Contact us

If you have any questions, you can contact us at or call (469) 218-1393.

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