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About Mark Brewer

Mark’s family: I married Melanie on August 21, 1993. We have 2 sons, Ethan (wife Haley), and Mason; and a daughter, Ella. I’m also Pops to Kylea, Alessia, and Valentina.

Dream vacation:
Unearthly – The moon.
Earthly – Three-week discovery trip into the jungles of India.

Regular order at Starbucks: Grande iced Americano.

Favorite movies: 

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – dreams.
Magnificent Seven – chivalry.
Armageddon – sacrifice.
Nacho Libre – purpose.

People I would like to meet: Kubla Khan and John Adams…Oh, you mean living people…


One thing that most people don’t know about me: I read science books for fun.

Been in ministry since: 1990.

When and where did I get saved: Oak Cliff A/G 1989.

Favorite singer: Roy Orbison.

Life-changing moment: Melanie came out of the bathroom and said look at this…What is it?, I said…She said, look at it…All I could see was a little white stick with a plus sign on it…It changed my life.

Fears: Hmm…That someone will misunderstand me.

Favorite book: Tale of Two Cities and The Minister’s Black Veil.

Quirks: Making up words and weird noises.

In my spare time I… play with my kids, hang out with my wife, study health/wellness/fitness stuff, read like crazy and run adventure races.

Favorite actor: James Stewart.

Favorite actress: Audrey Hepburn.

Least favorite food: Cooked spinach.

What makes me laugh? I love to laugh at real life stuff; people falling down, messing stuff up, you know, things you see on America’s funniest home videos.

The most exotic place I’ve ever been to: Jakarta, Indonesia and the surrounding islands.

The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done: Married Melanie…By far, hands down!

My heroes: My Dad and Mom – tie.

Least favorite thing to do: Reconcile receipts.