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CAMP 2021

JULY 18-21, 2021

Registration is closed.


Camper Liability Form

Each camper must download and submit the 2021 Liability Form in order to lock in their spot at camp.

Note: Pictures and copies of the form will not be accepted. Please turn the form in person to your camp coordinator at the camp table located in the Kids building. Failure to not turn in the Liability Form by specific deadline could result in being bumped into the next registration price bracket. For questions please email

Medication Form

If your child requires medications, please complete this form and turn it in to your camp coordinator. 

Note: Pictures and copies of the form will not be accepted. Please turn the form in person to your camp coordinator at the camp table located in the Kids building. For questions please email

Dress Code & Packing List

Need to know what to send your child to camp with or without? Download our dress code & packing list by clicking the button below.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child for camp?

You can register your child here.

Can I do a payment plan for camp?

It is encouraged that you provide the full payment for camp to make the registration process easier, however, you have until your initial deadline to pay the full camp amount.

When do I need to have everything paid for?

ON-TIME: January 1st - May 9th

LATE: May 10th - June 20th

LAST CHANCE: After June 29th

We are registered… now what?

See the packing list above this page for what to pack.

What are the safety protocols in place for camp?

Both Oaks Kids and Lakeview Camp take safety extremely seriously. Oaks Kids leaders and staff are trained in safety protocol prior to camp and Lakeview utilizes a security team so that no unattended visitors are on camp grounds.

What COVID measures are in place?

Masks will not be required for camp, but your child is more than welcome to wear one. Temperature checks will happen before departure and daily checks will happen while at camp. Additional cleaning will remain in place and groups will stay together for activities.

What if there is an emergency?

Brittany Cline and Mike Stock (Oaks Kids staff) will have the contact information of every parent of each registered camper. In the event of an emergency, they will contact you immediately. Should you need to contact them for an emergency outside of camp, you will be provided their numbers at the Parent Meeting before camp.

What if my child has an allergy or medical condition?

A medical form is required for every camper. Oaks Kids will keep a copy of all medical conditions/requirements and Lakeview Camp will have a licensed medical professional on the grounds at all times. Should your child need medication, we will make sure it is administered properly when needed.

How much money should my kid have for spending?

It is usually recommended that your child bring at least $40 for spending while at camp. You have the option to purchase the refillable NTD water bottle for your child for $12 (pre-order) or $15 (on-site) and they will have the option to visit the camp store and concession stand every day. Our leaders will also help ensure that your child’s money lasts as long as possible.

Do you accommodate diet restrictions?

Lakeview Camp can provide gluten-free options at meal time, but is not responsible for providing other specific foods for diet restrictions. Please make sure to mark if your child has a gluten or dairy allergy when registering. If your child has a different dietary restriction that needs extra attention, please let us know.

What are the dates of Kids camp?

July 18th - 21st, 2021

What ages can attend camp?

Ages 8 to 12 (5th grade).