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About Jared Parks

Jared's family: I have been married to the lovely Jessica Parks since 12/13/15 . She has been the best gift and friend I have ever received. We have two boys, Elijah Kai and Micah Zayne.

Ministry role: I serve as the pastor of Oaks School of Leadership.

What makes me laugh: When someone hits their head and then rubs the spot that they hit. I know I am wrong for that.

Regular order at Starbucks: Triple Grande Hot White Mocha.

Favorite movies: Remember the Titans is my all-time favorite. Also high on my list are The Patriot, Little Giants, and The Sandlot.

My biggest fear: Waking up and being covered in ants.

People that inspire me: My father inspires me in the way that he is patient and solid in character.

One thing that most people don’t know about me: I am an introvert.

My weird quirk: I have a tendency to always make an emergency plan in every room that I am in. I don’t say it out loud but I think about it all too often.

Least favorite thing to do: Small talk.

Hidden talent: I play the drums and beatbox.

When and where I got saved: I got saved in 2008. I was in my car in Olean, NY.

Favorite singer: Eddie James, Dante Bowe, and Travis Green are some of my favorites.

Favorite verse: 1 Peter 2:9-10

Favorite sports: Basketball, Football, Soccer.

Favorite books: Holiness, Truth, and The Presence of God by Francis Frangipane.

Favorite TV shows: Fresh Prince and Friday Night Lights could be on repeat forever.

Favorite actor/actress: Michael B. Jordan.

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