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About Isaac Pyo

Nickname: Pyo Pyo (Like a laser)

What is your Ministry Role? Groups Pastor

When and where did you get saved? As far back as I can remember, church has always been a part of my life. Being the son of a pastor, I grew up in the church. However, it was not until I was in middle school that I gave my life to the Lord at a Heaven’s Gate and Hell’s Fire church event. Initially, my motivation to become a follower of Jesus stemmed out of fear—fear of spending eternity in hell. But as I grew in my faith through reading the Word, prayer, and attending church, I began to see and understand the true essence of the gospel message: God’s grace toward mankind. I came to (and continue to) rejoice and rest in the fact that my salvation is not based on my works or merits but is founded upon the finished work of Jesus Christ.   

Tell us about your family: I married my gorgeous and amazing wife, Crystal Pyo, in 2020. And we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Nora Jing Pyo in 2021.

What is your regular order at Starbucks? Grande iced coffee with classic syrup.
Who are people that inspire you? My family.
Do you have any weird quirks? Ummm… I don’t think so? 
What is your least favorite thing to do? Furniture shopping. 
Hidden Talent? None.
What makes you laugh? Corny jokes.
What is your biggest fear? Snakes.
Favorite Movies: Remember the Titans, Lord of the Rings Series, Titanic. 
Favorite Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6.
Favorite Sports: Football… Go Niners!

Favorite Books: Bible, Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis, Follow Me by David Platt, Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller.

Favorite TV Shows: SportsCenter, Full House, Family Matters.
Favorite Actor/Actress: Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock.