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About Alexandria Kissinger

Nickname (if any): Alex 😊 My full name is Alexandria 
What is your Ministry Role? Worship and Production Director 
When and where did you get saved? When I was 14 years old at a memorial service for a friend.
Tell us about your family: I’m married to Kolby Kissinger, and we have two kids, twins, Charlotte & Elizabeth.
What is your regular coffee order? Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso.
Who are people that inspire you? People who face incredible odds and still remain faithful to the Lord. My hero’s! 
What is one thing that most people don't know about you? I’m terrified of frogs.
What is your least favorite thing to do? Running.
What makes you laugh? Any type of dry humor.
What is your biggest fear? Frogs/heights.
Favorite Movies : When Harry Met Sally.
Favorite Scripture: Psalms 121.
Favorite Sports: College Football – Roll Tide!
Favorite Music/Band/Singers: Too many & too much to count. My job is music. So pretty much everything! 
Favorite TV Shows: Seinfeld, the Office, New Girl…all of those dry humor things!

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